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Baking for Homeless

You are never too old to assist those within your community.

Just ask the band of baking women at Mount Maunganui’s Malyon House rest home. The majority may be in their eighties, but they’ve cooked – actually, baked – up a way to do their thing to help Tauranga’s homeless.

Since June, between eight and 12 residents gather on Mondays to bake for the homeless. Their chocolate chip biscuits, caramel slice and rice bubble cake (ginger crunch is next) is then delivered the next day to St Peter’s House. They’ve had the opportunity to go along to see how much their baking is appreciated.

One of the baking group’s members, Joan Brown, says it’s a wonderful idea. She agrees with others in the group who say they’re happy to do something to brighten someone’s day.

Many in the community are applauding their goodness, including Legacy Trust. Last week Legacy Trust presented Malyon House’s diversional therapist Donna Kelly with $500 to go towards ingredients for the baking project.

Donna says she is “blown away” by the various ways Legacy Trust shows its generosity.

Annie Innes, of Legacy Funerals says it’s an especially heart-warming project to support.

“The homeless issue is touching an increasing number of people in Tauranga and here we have a group of elderly ladies who come from an era where it was common to show you cared through food.  It’s great for them to have good reason to recreate those times”.

All profits from Legacy Funerals go back to the community through Legacy Trust.