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Tauranga Girls College Production 'Fame'

Legacy Trust doesn’t give to the community in a quest for fame.

However, Greg Brownless found just that when he popped in on show rehearsals at Tauranga Girls’ College this month.

The college, combined with Tauranga Boys’ College, will be taking the musical Fame to the Baycourt stage from August 3-6. Legacy Trust has just given the endeavour a financial boost.

Legacy Trust has financially supported at least 20 school productions over the years. They’re a cause close to Greg’s heart. The funeral director, who gifted his funeral business to the community, was originally an English teacher and has performed in about 30 plays in Tauranga including musicals.

“Such productions offer students a great opportunity to step up. The management behind such shows covers so many facets and teaches them great multi-disciplinary skills,” Greg says.

Tauranga Girls’ College principal Pauline Cowens says Legacy Trust has generously supported the combined college production over many years with substantial and sustained funding.

“In maintaining the tradition of interschool theatrical co-operation, the security of funding is so important. Also important is the knowledge for the students that their efforts are appreciated and supported by this community organisation,” Pauline says.

She says financial support is critical to staging the show and to keeping the ticket prices within accessible range for families. Whole extended families, including grand-parents, aunties and cousins can enjoy the show, she says, taking away memories of live theatre that they may not otherwise have had access to.

“In a world of technology and change the skills most needed are those of creativity, innovation, critical thinking and problem solving – and all of those skills are intrinsic to the staging of a show, plus persistence, resilience and stamina.

“The support of the Legacy Trust is an investment in the future of all the young people from both colleges as they develop these skills and we are grateful for the vision and understanding of trustees,” she says.

All profits from Legacy Funerals are distributed back into the community by the Legacy Trust to worthy clubs and organisations, and to support things like school productions.