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Biscuit Donation Boosts Foodbank

Hundreds of packets of Girl Guide biscuits have been added to the Tauranga Foodbank larder, thanks to Legacy Trust’s taste for helping the community.

Legacy Trust has donated $2,000 worth of Girl Guide biscuits to the foodbank – with this amount equating to nearly 500 packets of the ever-popular biscuits.

The Foodbank team assures the biscuits will be added to food parcels.

Legacy funeral director Annie Innes imagines they will be a popular inclusion – people just don’t seem to tire of them.

She says this gifting enables Girl Guides to continue their community service and helps those in need.

Girl Guiding Organisation member Janet Reekie says Legacy Trust is showing wonderful support that benefits many.

“Legacy, Girl Guides and the Tauranga Foodbank are all working together to help each other and our community. It’s such a lovely synergy. It’s the real heart of what all three organisations stand for,” Janet says.

For information on where to buy this year’s Girl Guide Biscuits, and to discover some recipes, visit or NZ.

It is not the first year Legacy Trust has been involved in the biscuit exchange. Last year, for example, 465 packets of original and chocolate biscuits made their way into foodbank parcels.

Annie says such donations to the community are only possible because of those families who have chosen Legacy Funerals. All profits from Legacy Funerals go back into the community.