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Composing a funeral notice

This guide is only an example of how you can compile a funeral notice for a newspaper. Feel free to copy it in part or in full. This service can also be provided for you by Todd Gower Signature Funerals.

1. Name

Surname then first names.
May put nick name in brackets.
May include a title, rank, service number, lodge etc.

2. Date

On (month – day – year).

3. Circumstances of death

Where death occurred, and how
  • peacefully: surrounded by her/his family
  • after a long/short/brief illness
  • tragically taken
  • accidentally killed
  • as a result of an accident
  • after a long/brave struggle/battle
  • suddenly
Age may be included here.

4. Family and friends

Can be in order of seniority or in order of priority
Deceased people can be referred to as ‘the late …’ or ‘..(deceased)’

Dearly loved
Much loved

    Dear friend
    Sincere life long friend
    Sister/brother (step)
    Nanna/Papa or any nick-name they were known by

Any adjective that describes the relationship.

Extended family can put their own notice in.

The use of inclusive terms can save space and MONEY. eg: Much loved Nanna/Pop of all the Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren. ‘loved by all the family/nieces/nephews’ etc.

When referring to the family we recommend you try to keep to the immediate family only, as listing a lot of names can increase the cost of your advert very quickly.

5. Funeral details

(This would normally be done by the Funeral Director).

Include: Place, Address, Date and Time of funeral service, cremation or burial site.

‘Private’ means by invitation only or no attendance by anyone. When the funeral is private then the notice might read – ‘ At …’s request a private funeral was held on …’.

If details are not known yet then say – ‘Funeral details later /to follow’/ to be advised on…

6. Thanks to carers

Thank you to Doctors and Nursing Staff at ‘……’ for their loving care.

7. Flowers

Messages can read – ‘In lieu of flowers donations posted to the … would be appreciated. ‘No flowers by request.’ ‘Cut flowers only please.’

8. Other messages

May include: Poetry verse/RIP/Rest in Peace/Sadly missed etc “… is lying at …, and all are welcome to visit.”
Messages can be sent care of Todd Gower Signature Funerals, PO Box 3136, Greerton, Tauranga, 3142.

9. Warning

WARNING: The Police have advised us not to include home addresses in funeral notices, as this advertises when a house may be empty for thieves and the like. If someone is willing to mind the house this lessens the risk.

10. Newspapers

All newspapers have deadlines, so make sure you allow enough time. Check all funeral details are confirmed before inserting the notice.

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