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Pre-Arranging a Funeral

Although we do not like to think about it much – the day will come when we will need the services of a Funeral Director.

We probably all hope that this day will be later rather than sooner, and that our family will know what to do when it comes to organising the funeral.

Some people feel comfortable about leaving this responsibility to their family, while others prefer to be a little more organised by planning and even paying for their funeral ahead of time.

Where to start

A good first step is to document your personal details. This involves noting down personal information such as your spouse, siblings, parents, and next of kin

Ensure that information is easy to find when required by completing our personal details form below.

If you wish you can post it to us at Todd Gower Signature Funerals
PO Box 3136 Tauranga 3142

Or you can email it to us on

Further planning..

If you wanted more control over your funeral, you may like to explore pre-arrangement.

There are many advantages in planning ahead:

  • Relieve some of the emotional stress on your family.
  • Reduce the financial burden that the cost of a funeral may present.
  • Create a meaningful funeral ceremony – one that reflects who you are and what was significant for you throughout your life.
  • Organise a ceremony that gives those left behind something to remember and cherish, easing their pain of loss and grief.

Almost everything can be personalised and tailored to your requirements – from no fuss essential care to a completely bespoke service. Click the button below to download our funeral pre-arrangement form which can help guide you through the process.

Somethings I might not have told you...

Sometimes it isn’t always easy to say what you really feel, or perhaps you lead a busy life, and didn’t take the time to share everything you wanted to with your loved ones.

Below you will find a form which can help prompt stories from the past, memories, advice, wishes for the future, and a final word for your loved ones.

Why not put your loved ones at ease

Planning ahead with a Pre-paid Funeral Plan can be a simple way of ensuring your loved ones are protected in the future against unexpected costs and the worry of planning your funeral. Leave them with happy memories, not money worries.