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Just as a funeral service for a loved one is no longer limited to the traditional, nor are funeral venues.

Funeral services can be held at iconic funeral homes like Tauranga Park or Woodhill – or at places of faith – and often these venues are chosen for their convenience and reverence (think here things like on-site carparking, park like surrounds, catering lounge, seating, AV services and viewing rooms).

But don’t be limited by the traditional.
Funerals equally can be held at a family home or any other setting that has significance for the person who has died and their family – in the garden, at the beach, on the farm, even in the bush.  Whatever will help reflect the life and loves of the deceased person.

Our philosophy is that a funeral service should be everything that your loved one would want – including the venue – so why be limited?

Woodhill Funeral Home

167 Grange Road, Otumoetai, Tauranga

Built of kauri in 1885 and now one of the city’s most historically significant buildings, Woodhill was an original homestead in the Otumoetai area.

Tauranga Park

383 Pyes Pa Road, Tauranga

Tauranga Park was built in 2002 to provide the region with a spacious, modern funeral home in park-like surrounds, giving an indoor/outdoor atmosphere to a funeral service.

Olive Tree Cottage

247 Joyce Rd, Pyes Pa, Tauranga

Built in the 1930’s, Olive Tree Cottage was originally a three bedroom kauri cottage on surrounding farmland. It was lovingly renovated in the 1990’s to form a beautiful venue for Tauranga locals.